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An encounter initiated by Collection Latil.

Since the 1980s, the Haut Couture Montex embroidery workshop has held a distinctive position in the Parisian embroidery scene, officially joining Chanel's Maisons d'Art in 2011. Already renowned for its bold material explorations and architectural designs, it embarked on a new venture in 2013 with the establishment of Studio MTX, providing embroidery with a fresh avenue of expression: interior architecture. 


Far from the traditional approach to furnishing embroidery, Studio MTX offers an interpretation that stretches its boundaries and continually redefines its essence. Led by Artistic Director Mathieu Bassée, the studio serves as both a creative hub and a production facility. Crafting original pieces for interior designers and architects, it draws inspiration from embroidery, weaving, tapestry, and leatherwork, manifesting inventiveness and technical fusion from individual objects to entire architectural spaces.


Combining both form and function, Studio MTX's embroidered screens introduce a fresh perspective on traditional blinds and interior partitions. Infused with the studio's renowned sense of composition and mastery of materials, this innovative concept merges different styles. It marries the flexibility of fabric with the sturdiness of metal, juxtaposing the gentle draping of a curtain with the precision of metal components. 


Whether placed in front of windows or used as room dividers, the four available models offer an elegant solution for preserving natural light while ensuring privacy. Each panel is seamlessly integrated into a sliding track, allowing for customizable adjustments in opacity, illumination, or purely aesthetic appeal.

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