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In the intimacy of the Courcelles showroom, an adventure began three years ago. Since her first steps as a student, her path has been between interior architecture and furniture design. As Art Director at India Mahdavi, Charlotte has delivered a variety of projects during her thirteen years of experience at the agency, drawing inspiration from its eclectic, joyful and colorful universe. These projects notably allowed him to travel around the world and enrich my inspirations. In 2015, Charlotte founded her studio and, six years later, launched her furniture collection. As a designer, Charlotte tries to constantly combine the heritage of the past with the contemporaneity of the present. She endlessly explores shapes and materials and seeks to extract the essence of classicism. Her artistic approach balances between minute details and expressive contrasts, navigating between feminine and masculine, while avoiding the monotony of rigid rules. It seemed obvious to him to link his work to a welcoming space, truly embodying his universe. Far from the cold and impersonal interactions of a showroom, Courcelles is a private apartment, a lived-in space, where a warm atmosphere reigns, conducive to relaxation and conversation. Charlotte offers cutting-edge artistic curation, a synergy between ideas, personalities and works. Creating is, for her, a game, a subtle harmony between lightness and depth of emotions. Over the past three years, Charlotte has built a family of partners, artisans and artists. This deep connection remains for her a source of constant inspiration, happiness and sharing.

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