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Collection Latil presents four Martin Berger pieces in Courcelles.

Collection Latil is above all a story of encounters around know-how, artists or craftsmen.

Invited by Charlotte Biltgen, Anne-Sophie exhibits 4 of her artists / craftsmen in Courcelles

Franco-Swiss artist, trained at the Louvre School in Paris, antiquarian, specializing in decorative arts, he continued his apprenticeship in workshops for the creation of wall decorations, then developed his first personal artistic activities in the USA. Back in France, he set up his workshop in the heart of the Alps, and produced works
vibrant and unique. Free amplitude or measured stop, curves or lines punctuate its creations. Reliefs, lines, superimpositions and ruptures suspend the rhythms of time, and imprint movement. Choreographer of matter, Martin Berger draws his inspiration from nature and dynamics of gestures and body. Thanks to multiple processes, he invents new ways of implementing his pieces, which are all aspects of his insatiable sound curiosity to survey the unknown, both human and spatio-temporal. His work shelters an ambivalent gaze, between aesthetics and revelation of the urgency of consider our welcoming space, land and being, as essential

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