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Occupying from the 1980s a special position in the landscape of Parisian embroiderers, the Haut Couture Montex embroidery workshop joined the Maisons d'Art de Chanel in 2011. Already recognized for its daring material approach and its architectural creations, it continued to innovation in 2013 by creating Studio MTX and gives embroidery a new field of expression: interior architecture. Far from the heritage approach of furniture embroidery, Studio MTX offers an interpretation that pushes the limits and constantly redefines it. Under the artistic direction of Mathieu Bassée, the studio is both a design office and a production workshop. He invents, designs and produces for decorators and interior designers, original pieces that borrow as much from embroidery as from weaving, tapestry or even leather goods. Inventiveness and technical hybridization then unfold from the object to the space, from the piece of furniture to the architecture itself.

Both decorative and functional, Studio MTX embroidered screens are a fresh take on classic shades and interior room dividers. With the sense of composition and material chords for which the studio is famous, this proposal mixes genres. It combines the flexibility of fabric with the rigidity of metal and combines the slightly undulating drape of a curtain with the precision of the metal parts that animate it. Placed in front of windows or as a space separation, the four models offered offer a refined solution to maintain natural light while protecting privacy. Each panel is mounted in a slide rail: the general composition can thus be manipulated for more opacity, more light or simply for the pleasure of the eyes!

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