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Nadège Mouyssinat is an alchemist: she transforms a simple mineral powder into a luxurious and ultra-refined material with water, fire, and a long succession of occult manipulations: porcelain.  

Passionate about the world of luxury, she worked this material in prestigious French factories for 10 years. In the strictest respect of the rules of the art, she learned there the requirement of the line, the sublimation of the material, the technical mastery of gestures "out of time". Subsequently, she pirated this ancestral know-how to invent her own mastery.  

Nadège Mouyssinat does not belong to any box. His work is a point of convergence between several disciplines, a repertoire of pure forms, conducive to contemplation. His unique, sensual and intriguing universe is the result of research nourished by literature, history and legends.

Born in 1984 in Toulouse (France), Nadège Mouyssinat studied art and art history in Bordeaux, then in Limoges, in the South West of France, where she lives and works today.

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